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Golden and Blaine ParsonsGolden Keyes Parsons
Golden and her husband, Blaine, retired from the pastorate and moved to Waco, Texas. She is survived by her husband of almost 55 years, her three daughters and eight grandchildren.


Golden was a published author. She published four full length novels, four novellas, and a woman’s bible study. Her works of fiction have inspired thousands of readers. Through detailed historical research, gripping story lines, and developed characters, she brought to life themes of hope, redemption, and the great adventure that God offers to everyone.

Golden: “I grew up in a family of newspaper men, editors, and authors, and was taught a love and respect for the written word. As a child and young person, I read everything I could get my hands on, from novels to my dad’s True Detective magazines. My favorite haunt growing up was the city library. I read all of the Nancy Drew novels, the Bobbsey Twins books, and then somewhere as an early teen fell in love with historical fiction — Thomas Costain’s The Black Rose and Ivanhoe, Gone with the Wind. Interestingly enough, that’s what I now write.”

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Golden: “I love writing mainly because it is easier for me to express myself in writing than it is verbally. I love the beauty of the written word. In our society today, to speak using an educated vocabulary comes across as vain and uppity, but not so to read those same flowing descriptions. Another thing I love about writing is experiencing how a story develops as one is in the process of writing.”
Golden: “I usually have a general idea of where a story is going, but sometimes the characters surprise me and go off on a tangent of their own. I love it when that happens! I also love when I don’t have any idea where I am going with the plot that day, but know I need to get my word count in … I sit down at the computer and make myself begin … and the story starts to flow. Now that’s fun!”


Golden’s more than 40 years of hands on Christian ministry only deepened her desire to lead people from all walks of life to even greater places of healing.

Golden: “I was the first born child in a fractured family because my father was an alcoholic. But I always wanted to do right, be right, excel … I was a good girl! However when I was an early teen, I began to realize that being a good girl and following all the rules was not good enough. I needed a Savior. I needed Jesus. I accepted him Easter weekend of my freshman year in high school at a youth retreat. I fell in love with the Lord that weekend and never got over it.”
Golden: “I felt a call to ministry from the very beginning, but I was very naive. I didn’t know there was a problem with a woman in ministry. To begin with I worked in the church I joined after accepting Jesus with younger girls. I played the piano for youth choir and the early morning worship service. I went to college majoring in sociology and minoring in religion preparing to work in a home for unwed mothers. My husband and I married my junior year in college, and we went into the military, but all along I was working in ministry … secretary at the church, Sunday School teacher, working with the youth. Eventually, we co-directed a Christian conference and retreat center where I began speaking to retreat groups. Then when we pastored at a church in New Mexico, I was ordained by the church there to be a Biblical Studies Pastor and Administrator. It was a pretty complicated and painful journey, but God always works things out for the good in the long run.”

Golden is also the founder of a non-profit organization named ‘Matters of the Heart’.

Golden: “The original name of our non-profit ministry organization was ‘I Choose Life’, and I had a partner who worked with me. That was in 1996. I Choose Life was the name of a song she had written, so after she moved back to California and left the ministry, the board felt we needed to change the name. ‘Matters of the Heart Ministry’ came into being. It initially was primarily my ministry where I traveled and spoke at retreats and conferences. My husband’s main ministry was his pastorate. It still is primarily my speaking/writing ministry, but we do marriage conferences together which comes under the umbrella of Matters of the Heart. He is still doing interim type pastoring and ministering.”

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Golden and Blaine were married for almost 55 years!

Golden: “At this stage of our lives and marriage, the biggest joy about being a wife is the privilege of getting to know someone this deeply and serve someone for all these years. In our relationship we cannot do enough for each other. It’s a quiet love now, but a very satisfying one. To observe how unselfishly Blaine has loved me through the years is very humbling.”
Golden: “We met at Baylor University on a blind date on April Fool’s Day! I did not want to go on the date, but when the couple who had approached me about it couldn’t find anyone else, I relented and went. I thought he was nice, but I wasn’t bowled over. We were both in clubs and enjoyed going to events together. When he took me home to meet his family, a gracious, Christian family in San Antonio, is when I began to fall in love with him. Honestly, I think I fell in love with his family first. 🙂 I had prayed for a Christian husband from a Christian family. The stability, true joy and Christian commitment of the Parsons family seemed to me to be an answer to my prayers. I fell in love with the man of integrity that Blaine was and is. This isn’t to say that we haven’t had our difficulties and bumps in the road. We certainly have! But if one’s commitment is first to the Lord, most other issues can be negotiated and worked out.”

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Golden was the proud mother and grandmother to three daughters and eight grandchildren.

Golden: “I was surprised at how much a mother loves her own children. I fell immediately in love with each of our three girls the moment I saw them, and we bonded easily.”
Golden: “The first real difficulty came with the birth of our third child. The oldest girl was 5, but not yet in school and the middle daughter was 2. The work load with three seemed to quadruple. And, of course, as I always have, I stayed too busy with other activities at church and with friends.”
Golden: “Trying to teach them that God’s standards and commands are always for their best, no matter what the world tries to impose upon them. Keeping one’s daughters pure in this day and time is quite a challenge, but it’s not only that. It’s teaching children a lifestyle of pressing into Jesus for every facet of their lives.”

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Golden: “Being able to love them unconditionally, but not have the primary responsibility for them. 🙂 We feel our primary responsibility is to pray for them, give them a godly heritage, love them and give them a safe place to land, if they need it, but we don’t feel we are to be on the front lines, so to speak. That’s the job of their parents.”


Golden was trained as a CLASSeminar speaker. She enjoyed helping others learn how to better communicate their message.

Golden: “What I love in interacting with people when I speak is when I see the light go on in their eyes — that “aha!” moment. That moment when I see the Holy Spirit dealing with them, and they say “Yes!””

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Golden: “Sensing how the Holy Spirit leads me to mention certain things and how it all just falls together to meet the needs of the attendees. I’ve learned to trust that and not try to contrive something perhaps that I’d rather speak on, but to follow His leadership. This may sound a little strange, but I’m going to share it anyway. The Lord speaks to me many times in visuals. I picture a situation in my mind’s eye. When I am preparing for a retreat or conference, praying about it, the Lord will show me, in my mind, a person to pray for in a more pointed manner … a tall, blonde haired woman with blue eyes, or a short, stocky gal with a round face and big brown eyes, or a man with spiky hair and a plaid shirt on. And so far, every time, they’ve been there at the event! I always write down, or tell my husband what I’ve “seen” in prayer, just to document it. I try to describe them in as much detail as I can. Sometimes I share it with that person, but most of the time, I just pray for them and wait to see what God does.”

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Cancer Survivor

A two-time cancer survivor, her testimony and myriad of life experiences gave a touch of authenticity to her teaching.

Golden: “In 2000 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After several weeks of intense abdominal pain, the tumor was discovered. However, since it was so large, the doctors thought it would be benign. When they performed the surgery, they found two large tumors that were malignant. Fortunately, they were encapsulated, Stage One, hadn’t spread.

Then in 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer … completely unrelated to the ovarian cancer. Again, Stage One, encapsulated, had not spread. Today, 2014, by the mercies of God I am cancer free and doing well.

What has God taught me through this journey? That no matter what happens, God loves me and is faithful. I can depend on that whether I’m sitting in a recliner at the oncologist’s with a chemo IV in my arm, or on the radiation table with big, scary machines scanning my body. It may not be what I had planned or want to do, but my Heavenly Father, my Daddy, has a bigger purpose in mind and my job is to respond with praise and thanksgiving.”

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