RESCUE! All of us dream of dramatic rescue--a handsome prince on a white horse sweeping in to take us away from the drudgery of our mundane lives. Just like Cinderella and Snow White ... sigh. When I was five or six years old, I wandered into a friend's back yard and let myself into her [...]

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Forgotten Prayers

Forgotten Prayers Do you have forgotten prayers in your repertoire? Or perhaps prayers you've been praying for years with no answer? I reached between the cushions of the recliner trying to retrieve the bottle cap I'd just dropped. As I felt around the metal spring mechanism, I gasped. What my fingers touched was not a [...]

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Women of Faith Interview about Hidden Faces

Women of Faith Interview About Hidden Faces On the Women of Faith blog this week, Golden has been interviewed about her compilation of novellas based on the most famous nameless women in scripture... "You’ve probably wondered about them, too: the women who encountered Jesus and had their stories—but not their names—preserved in the Bible. Wouldn’t [...]