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Matters of the Heart Ministry, founded by Golden, provides personal, engaging & life-changing speaking engagements at venues around the nation. If you want an evening of deep plowing of the heart, moving from tears one moment to laughter the next, Golden is the speaker you need.

Golden is a CLASSeminars speaker and teaches yearly at the CLASS seminar.

“Golden Parsons has spoken on several occasions… and she always received excellent reviews. She was… a popular study club program for several groups, and she also taught a class in Baylor’s Lifelong Learning program that was very well received.”
Bob Anne Senter, Baylor University
Topics include:

Like the revealing sunlight flooding through the windows of our physical houses, the spotlight of the Holy Spirit investigates the corners of our hearts exposing filth which has accumulated unnoticed through the winter of our souls, and we realize the need to take a spiritual inventory. Golden Keyes Parsons helps you discover and clean your spirit. Keep the spiritual dust and grime cleared away from the corners of your spirit. Tackles issues such as spiritual indifference, pet beliefs and traditions, bad habits, anger, bitterness, forgiveness, gossip, a critical spirit, and prayerlessness.

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

$12.99eBook: $6.99
"With humor and authenticity, Golden Parsons gives us the tools for cleaning up our spiritual lives." - Georgia Shaffer, author of Avoiding the 12 Relationship Mistakes Women Make More info →
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Looking for something different for your women’s group? Spend the weekend exploring the lives of four women and their encounters with Jesus. These four women include the adulterous woman (forgiveness); the woman at the well (acceptance); the woman who anointed Jesus’s feet (worship); and the woman with the issue of blood (healing). Using Golden’s biblical fiction novellas as references, your women will leave understanding that Jesus ministers to women today, just as He did then.

Hidden Faces Novella Collection

Hidden Faces Novella Collection

$14.99eBook: $3.99
Series: Hidden Faces, Book 5
Genre: Historical Fiction
This collection of four novellas takes readers back in time and into some of the most well known biblical accounts... but some of the most mysterious. More info →
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Do you want to grow wisdom in the hearts of your women? This is an exciting weekend retreat for women, using a home decorating and building motif. The 11 week study compares the building of a physical home to the building of a godly spiritual home. Topics include: what is a wise woman and what does she do, what does the world say versus what God says, what is a covenant marriage, how reliable is the architect of our lives, how do we hear God, and the importance of a good spiritual foundation. It is a very comprehensive study, but can be condensed into a wonderful weekend retreat. After a group completes the study, Golden recommends they finish with a weekend retreat to get the most out of the material.

The Wise Woman Builds: How to Build a Godly Home in an Ungodly World

The Wise Woman Builds: How to Build a Godly Home in an Ungodly World

Eleven principles of wisdom for building a Godly home More info →
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Would you like to strengthen the heart of your women? This is one of our most popular weekend conferences dealing with issues of the heart. Topics include: the Listening Heart (how to hear God), the Broken Heart (dealing with disappointment, failure, and wounds), the Hard Heart (dealing with forgiveness/bitterness), and the Renewed Heart (returning to one’s first love). Golden has seen great victories in women’s lives during this retreat, particularly in the area of forgiveness.

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How is God releasing women in the last days? This is a powerful message on what God is doing in our generation. Your women will leave in victory, seeing God’s plan for them in a whole new way. Golden has traveled this difficult path herself and combines her experience with the intrinsic teaching of Scripture in an electrifying manner that your women will never forget. This teaching is based on Psalm 68. Topics include: wounds and the anointing (dealing again here with forgiveness and bitterness), worship and the anointing, (Ps. 68:11 – dealing with cost of bearing the Good News comparing it to being pregnant and birthing a child), the warrior princess and the anointing.

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Hear the incredible story of Blaine’s heart attack; how God brought him back to life, and restored a young Army captain’s faith. Blaine’s heart attack left him without any pulse for nearly 20 minutes. Golden joins him in telling the story as he was not conscious during that period of time. An incredible story of God’s provision and protection over one of his servants.

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Can you imagine having life threatening cancer two separate times? Hear the amazing story of Golden’s journey of survival through both ovarian and breast cancer just a few years apart. This story will fill you with hope for healing and fresh faith in the goodness of God.

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